In my last post, I challenged myself to write my way through an actual decision I’m facing.    I want to better understand writing as a tool for decision making.  When is writing a useful strategy?  When is writing too cumbersome a tool for the task?  In what ways is my intrapersonal argumentation like and unlike interpersonal argumentation?

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2 Responses to Inner-argumentation

  1. Daphne says:

    You referenced writing through/to a decision a while back (before the hair cut contemplation) and I have used it a couple of time since. I kind of love it.

    • Lindsay E. says:

      Well that’s totally affirming. I have this persistent wish that we taught this kind of essay more frequently in school. Who doesn’t want to teach kids to make good decisions, right? And who wouldn’t want an essay topic that was genuinely relevant? And then I wonder why no one does it much, and so I figure I’d better do and understand the thing that I want others to do for a while before I go selling it abroad. I wondered if the reading of it is totally boring. If you think of other essays that seem to have this structure, send them my way. The latest I’ve read that comes to mind is Tina Fey’s chapter on whether to have a second kid in Bossy Pants. I did find it fascinating. (And I went online to see what she ended up deciding. Yes to the baby!)

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